golf ball om hole edge
golf ball om hole edge

On this website, you will find links to a lot of different tips, hints and gadgets for improving your putting in golf.
Experts and top players from around the world will be your guide.
Find tips suited for both beginner and advanced skill levels.
Good luck !

Basic Drills

Here are 10 drills to improve your putting. The drills will help the beginner, but they are also useful to average players and even pros. Featuring short putts, breaking putts, position of head etc. Photos are attached for better understanding. Simple explanations on how these drills work. You can easily bring these drills to the putting green, or try some of them out in your own living room.

Grain in the Green

The grain in the green can be tough to deal with. Geoff Grieg has written a short text on how the grain works and how to read it. Also what to do to control your golf ball, when you have a putt down the grain and down the green. This is the fastest putt there is, so you might want to try these two useful tips out, when you face this type of putt.

PGA Pro Tips

Get the fundamentals right from these few good tips. They are a bit on the technical side, and it demands some practice, before you get it all right. It explains how to putt along a marked line, weight distribution on feet, eye position and hand action. You will become a more consistent putter when following these well-known tips.

Grip Types

The three most common types of grips on the putter. The Vardon Overlap, the Interlock and the Ten Finger grip. Golf instructor Michael Lamanna of San Antonio, Texas, explains these grips and how to form them. He also adds which type of golfers could benefit from which type of grip, and he also mentions some famous golf players, who have used these grips. Photos of Michael Lamanna showing you these three grips. Easy to emulate.

Basic Putting

Basic putting. Four tips by Peter Anderson, Myrtle Beach Golf School, featuring stance, ball position, grip and stroke. These tips makes room for adjusting to your natural way of performing. Peter Anderson describes the objects of these four situations, rather than getting deeper into the fundamentals. A good way to adapt your own way of putting!

Uphill and Downhill

A scientific description on uphill putts and down hill putts. How much harder do you need to hit an uphill putt compared to a level putt of the same distance, and reversed for downhill putts. This text has the equation and formulas on how to calculate the distance a putt travels. There is also a calculation of a 20-foot putt with a 1-foot rise, or a 1-foot drop, on a medium speed green.

Toughest Putt in Golf

Uphill and then downhill - learn to read the putt and judge the speed. Pick a target line, aim at a spot. Tom Watson has some great tips to master this putt. Nice photo of the putting action. You will also find heaps of other golf instructions on this website.


Easy-putt is a training device, which will help you get a consistent pendulum action in your putting stroke. Professional golfer Padraig Harrington, who is top ten in the world rankings, recommends this training system. This site has a photo of Padraig Harrington with the device, and you can see how to use it where to buy it.

       golf ball on the hole edge

Dave Hicks Golf

3 Video tips are ready for you. Learn about putting routine, reading the green and getting the right posture and setup. He is well-known for coaching top players, and these tips are also used by them too. You will also find a lot of information on Dave Hicks Golf in general - a very nice website, easy to navigate.

Harold Swash

Training aids for improving your putting by Harold Swash. He has for many years been assisting top golfers with putting tips. He has developed "The Rail", and he has made a CD and a video, and you can get it all here. Very interesting for every golf level. Photos of all aids listed. There is also link to where to get a contourable putting green for indoor use from LinksPutt?.

Putting String

A simple training system for improving your putting in just 5 minutes of practising. Using the Eyestring system, you will be able to train your eye and mind. This will give you better chances to visualize your putts going in the hole, before you make your stroke. The Eyestring is developed by Dr. Andrew Bock, and it is based on the science of optometry.

Video Tips

Here your putting can benefit from the help of some of the best golf instructors in the world. Video clips are available on putting basics, reading greens, great putting drills and much more. You get access to over 500 videos on golf (around 70 on putting), if you join as a member, or you can join as a guest and get a select range of videos each month. Learn from the best, and see the putts on your screen!

Hinged Putter

Try out this putter with a hinge! This will improve your stroke in every way. It will also help your alignment of the putter towards the target. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. ReFiner? Golf has made a great aid for putting. Cool stuff and a lot of fun! Buy it from here.

Individual Putting

Short article on how to approach a putt step by step. Creating a routine and basic fundamentals are described by golf professional Jamie Oleson. She also believes that putting generally reflects the individual, but these tips should work for everybody.

"The Mental Keys"

Here you can get the book "The Mental Keys" by Michael Anthony. The book will provide you with your own training programme. Learn how to deal with the mental aspects of putting, the ups and downs and how to improve. On this website, a lot of readers give their opinion on their own experiences after reading the book. You can also sign up for a newsletter with a free mental putting tip.

        Putt with your Mind

"Putt Like The Pros"

Putting guru Dave Pelz, a former physicist, has written a book, "Putt Like The Pros". It is about different aspects of putting in a scientific sense. See how you can get the perfect putting stroke by using his principles. On this link you can see how to buy the book, and there are links to other useful golf books.

"The Putting Edge"

Get some free putting tips from this site, seen through the eyes of Larry Stanley. Not the usual fundamentals, but very useful knowledge on different putting situations. Also you can buy his 32 page booklet "The Putting Edge". A very colourful and individual site - the drills described are useful to golfers at any level.

"Putt Lights Out"

Check this manual for putting ! A good offer to any golfer, see here how to get it. A description of the gains of reading this book - there is even a money back guarantee. Step-by-step instructions. Information on lots of other golf instructions on this website.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods gives a putting tip. He uses a string drill. This will give you feedback on your putter face angle, stroke path and target line. Nice instructions for shorter and longer putts. Photos of Tiger Woods performing this drill. You will definitely make more putts this way, when you try this Tiger tip yourself!

Tiger Woods - Homepage

Ernie Els

Get a tip on a long, breaking lag putt from famous golf professional Ernie Els. Photos of Ernie Els performing this type of putt. On this site, you can get links to many more golf instruction through Golf Digest, including putting and other golf tips from him top players and coaches. 

Ernie Els - Homepage

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