cane toad
cane toad

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Frogs Australia
See this article about "The Unwanted Amphibian". For many years, this toad has been given disastrous problems to the Australian nature. Read here about its origin and what is being done to control this animal.
A short article on the arrival in North Queensland of the cane toad, a.k.a. Bufo Marinus. Read how quickly it spreads and reproduces itself, and how many eggs it lays. Here is also a large photo of the toad, and a photo of a boy holding up a string of its eggs.

Australian Government
Fact sheet on the feral cane toad. There is also a link for downloading this sheet as a PDF file. Short informative texts about the ecology, history, impact and control of the toad, which harms the wildlife of Australia and has spread across a large area.
From the dictionary, here is a short description of the cane toad.

Australian Museum online 1
Read this fact sheet about the Cane toad, also known as Marine toad or Giant toad. Very nice information. At the bottom of this website, you can find links to other articles about these species of toads and references.

Australian Museum online 2
Frequently asked question in herpetology about the cane toad. Find the information you need - answers to these question are relatively short and thorough. This page also has links to more knowledge on toads and reptiles.

University of Newcastle, Australia
This link shows you a research article in six pages about the reproduction of the cane toad. A short-term storage of its gametes has been carried out, and the reproduction conclusions can be found in this report. Technical descriptions are included in the text.

Honolulu Zoo
Get useful facts on the cane toad. A photo of the toad is attached to this article. For example, find info on its behaviour and characteristics - easy reading. At the top of this page, there are links to animal stuff from Honolulu Zoo, such as quizzes, games and videos, and it is possible to find out about other animals from the Zoo.

Ask Toadily Toads
Find out what type of water is best for your toad. A short article. Also find out why toads release water, when you handle them.

English Bites Story
Article about the cane toad, which has spread to Kakadu National Park, Australia. Read comments from a few people, a member of Frog Watch and a local resident.

Cane Toad recipe - learn how to mix this great drink ! It includes tequila, vodka, cherry brandy and soda water. Also on this page, you can move on to see recipes for many more drinks, terminologies and drinking games. Party time !!

Rain Forest Conservation Fund
Species data sheet of the Marine toad and a photo. Get facts about life story, range, description and ecology of this exciting animal.

See around 25 photos of the Marine toad. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Very nice photos with great colours. On this webpage, you will also find links to photos of many other frogs, toads and tadpoles.

two cane toads

Animal Pictures Archive
A website with lot of photos of the cane toad (Bufo marinus). You can even upload your own photos for free and get your own album. At the top there are links to animal sounds and movies as well, and you can also find links to sharing your opinion on an animal subject, or sending an animal postcard to someone.
Read this funny article on facts about the Cane toad, also known as Marine toad or Giant toad. Very nice information. See a hilarious cartoon photo of Homer Simpson about to eat a giant toad. In the article itself, learn more about the humorous situation in Australia, as people are making money using this toad for different purposes - while the government spends millions trying to keep the toad from spreading across the country...
Floridas largest frog is the cane toad. This article gives you short information of its food habits, how to recognize and much more. It is beneficial to your garden, but also harmful in other ways - read more about it here !

BBC : Science and Nature
Easy-to-read text describing different facts of the cane toads. Including photos. Life span, reproduction and diet are among the many subjects. At the bottom of the page, you can search for facts on another animal from this huge database.

A lot of photos of the cane toad, including some very funny ones ! These are from Google?s database.

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