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On this website, you will find links to many websites with great tips
for making your big day unforgettable.
Get the ideas for everything you need, or get help from the experts.
You want to get the best out of your wedding !
Good luck !

Wedding Solutions

This website contains an opportunity to make the perfect wedding - Yours! Get help to all you need when doing your planning. Find out where shop in your area, where to go on honeymoon. Join for free to get your own wedding consultant - really cool !

Modern Bride

This website is a taste from the magazine Modern Bride. Find a countdown checklist, make a quick budget for your wedding. Find advice from experts and read the message board for joining wedding discussions. Also you will find links to wedding vendors, pictures of cakes, flowers and much more great stuff !

The Knot

Are you not sure where to start with your planning? Get help here by clicking on links, / which will guide to what you need. Find local resources, see photo galleries of dresses, tuxedos, rings and accessories. This is a website, where you can find links to interesting wedding stuff.

Wedding Favors

A website featuring links to all sorts of wedding favors. Personalized ones, candy or silverware. A lot of them at reasonably small prices, from a few dollars and upwards. Here you can find favors and gifts to go with any taste !

Wedding Channel

This site covers all areas of the wedding planning. Find ideas on what you like concerning hairstyles, honeymoon, entertainment etc., then get some good advice from professionals and find local vendors. A very nice American website with fine pictures and easy reading.

Wedding Details

A great website, where you can find out nearly everything about weddings. Here you can order a book for 6$, written by 4 experts about wedding FAQs. Also you can ask questions to these experts online. This site also has links to making budgets, invitations, speeches, how to find vendors and much more.

Party Pop

A North American site of great interest in weddings. Click on the links to explore your opportunities, for example find a local vendor near you - choose from over 2 million vendors! Budget calculator, bridal shows, themes and much more can be found through this webpage.

Wedding Invitations

Click to this site to find anything about wedding invitations, cards and favors. From this website, you can move on to specific pictures, paintings and posters. Get advice and tips on invitations, do it yourself or find printable invitations. Here is a lot to choose from! The Newlyweds or Couples-to-be have a great chance to find what they need.

Anniversary Gifts

Here you can find a list of gifts for wedding anniversaries. Tips for traditional or modern gifts. See which stone or material is suitable for which anniversary. At the bottom of this site, there are a few links to where you can buy the goods.

Respond Weddings

Meet your wedding planner online. Fill out this form about your wedding details, and get a response from a professional, who will assist you. This is all at no cost. A very popular way to be guided along the way by local experts. For people living in North America and the Caribbean.

wedding flowers

Being engaged? This website shows a plan step by step, once you are engaged. Who do you need to contact, and which etiquette should be followed - get answers here. Find ideas for engagement parties and games. On the left, there are links to many wedding items. A nice website, which is easy to follow.


Honeymoon vacations! Travel to all the popular places, including the Caribbean and Europe. Get hints on how to plan this trip, see photos from various destinations. Click the "Planning" link on the left bar, and you can get more help on wedding plans easily. A very colourful and inspirational site.

Wedding Manor

Check out the traditions, so that you know what special things to do on your big day. Also through this website, find vendor listings, get your own check list on things to remember, when doing the planning right from the start. You can even have a wedding professional to help you out.


Find checklists and worksheets on this site. Easy to print out. Keep track of your attendants and your wedding menu, or what stationary to remember to do. Here is a lot of reminders and help for your planning! On the left of this site, you can also find a link to get help live, if you have a question.

Engagement Rings

Shop online for a wide selection of engagement rings and wedding jewellery from leading international designers at low internet prices and fast home delivery service -

SunMex Weddings

Get married in beautiful sunny Mexico! Choose from a variety of destinations, scroll down to read nice descriptions of many places. You can get wedding packages arranged, you can go there on your own. Anyway, just enjoy your honeymoon !

A - Z Wedding Plan

Useful tips - each letter is a reminder for what to do on your big day ! Great shorts tips for getting started on your planning. How about U for Underwear - why not wear something special on this day? At the bottom of the site, there is a link to a site with wedding day underwear.

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USA Bride

Here you can find expert help for your wedding plans. Also you can subscribe to newsletters. Shop online, plan your honeymoon, see what gifts to buy and what favours to do for your loved one. Get links to important things such as music and flowers for weddings. A great site for the girls!

Jewish traditions

Here is a list of important Jewish traditions to uphold. Short texts on what to remember, e.g. reading of the seven blessings by invited guests, and when to have the yihud. This site also has a tip for an accessory for a Jewish wedding, a booklet. There are links to further reminders on accessories.


Plan your wedding up to 12 months in advance. At first, you can calculate exactly how much time you have left before your wedding day - down to the second! Here is what to remember during this period, ending with your big day! See what you need to take care of 3 months before, 2 weeks before etc. You will NOT forget anything using this list ! At the top of the site, you will find more useful ideas, such as Thank You Cards and gifts.

This website can give some great ideas on all sorts of things when planning a wedding. Get new ideas on e.g. wedding cakes and decorations, there are great photos in the links to the left. A lot of useful reading, where you will find links to many aspects of a wedding. A brilliant site.

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