working man by cane sugar field
working man by cane sugar field

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How cane sugar is made
Read the basic story from growing the cane plants to the industry use. Nice images, illustrations and comprehensive texts. At the top of the page, you can click another topic to learn more details about cane sugar.

World of Sugar
Overview of sugar production around the world. Use the interactive map to learn about the production volumes from different countries. Images and descriptions of both sugar canes and sugar beets. Short explanation of the photosynthesis, which creates sucrose. Lots to be found on this webpage!

Ethnobotanical Leaflets
Text on sugar cane written by Peter Sharpe, Southern Illinois University. Sections such as yields, history, diseases and breeding, among others. Easy-to-read information.

Cane field photos
See images and photos from cane fields around the world. Fields being burned, people or machines harvesting, different skies as background. Lots to choose from among 77 images.

Book : From Cane to Sugar
Here you can buy a book suitable for kids 4-8 years old. In few pages it describes the process from cane to sugar. Written be Jill Braithwaite. See list price and how to order on this website.

Development of the Sugar industry
Origin and history of the sugar industry - cane sugar plantations and slavery for nearly 5 centuries. Ups and downs on the sugar market development and trading, and finally a perspective view. Written well by Clarence Henderson from Henderson Consulting International.

Processes in the Sugar Industry
Illustration of a processing plant for cane sugar. The Siemens company makes different solutions. Click on "Juice Preparation" or "Sugar House" next to the illustration to get more details. Also find links to other Siemens products at the top of the page.

Definition of Sugarcane
From the Wikipedia, get the details such as Latin names, cultivation, history, refining and uses of this plant. During the sections, you will find links to related topics, when clicking on the words with blue letters. Easy reading and exact information!

Ampro Exports
A very useful website! This company supplies cane crusher machines - one model is imaged here. Find a short, precise description and technical data. Furthermore there is an illustration and explanation of how sugar and juice is extracted from the canes, and you can learn how many kilos of sugar is developed from 1000 kilos of canes.

Cane Crusher product
Sugarcane crushing machine from Indian company VIKAS. See a table of capacity and dimensions. Features are listed below. Photo of the machine. Links to their homepage and email at the bottom.

Processing and Cultivation
Article about methods of growing and harvesting the sugar canes - what to know and look for, such as the content of sugar. Hazards and preventions during work are mentioned. Also to be found are many facts, for example why fields are being burned prior to harvest.

Cane Sugar Handbook
Here you can buy a manual suited for manufacturers and their chemists. Read a short description of the book, which covers many aspects of sugar treatment. Book publisher is Wiley.

Technical brief of Sugar production
Text describing the different processes in short. Find out about yields, juice treatment, cane crushing. Formula for mass balance between gur, sugar and juice is also available on this webpage.

Human Benefits from Sugarcane juice
The juice has a lot of medicinal properties as well as curative. Here is a list of healthy result to your body, which you can get from drinking this juice. At the end of the list, click the link to read about the juice composition. Webpage from Sugar India.

International sugar statistics
Webpage from Illovo Sugar, which contains diagrams and tables, including comments about sugar. Learn the numbers for consumption, producers and prices globally speaking. A nice overview and a good reference, if you are working on a report.

Developping of sugar canes
Article about useful techniques for planting, harvesting and manufacturing. A section covers how to get a good yield of sugarcane syrup and how much to expect from each acre of land. Written in an easy and comprehensive way.

Sugar processing in Queensland
Follow the sugar canes on their way from the fields to the final product. Images at each section and useful knowledge about all the processes. As one of Australia's main export crops, Bundaberg Sugar is the main participant in growing canes in Queensland. Get to know heaps more here !

Plant profile
Read the specifications for the sugarcane - species names, height and looks of the plant. On the right side of the webpage is a list of topics related to sugarcanes, such as Cosmetics, Food and Other uses.

Sugarcane as feed
FAO has made this report on sugarcane, which can be used as biomass. Learn more about the potentials, utilizations and yields around the world. This plant has been underrated, but is becoming more and more important in many ways. You can also forward one page to read about sugarcanes as animal feed.

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