golf course design
golf course design

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Nicklaus Design
Homepage of the design company of golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. They have made course design for numerous years all over the world. Click this link to get an overview of this company, and you can get connected to other information, photos and courses already built.

Greg Norman Golf Course Design
The Great White Shark established his company in 1987. They have projects on 5 continents and modern technologies are in use. On this webpage you can link to their course portfolio, photos and contact information.

European Golf Design
The European Tour and IMG have since 1992 been providing services for many golf projects all across Europe, including the 2010 Ryder Cup course in Wales. This webpage has information details and a short description of this company.

Faldo Design
Golf design company of Nick Faldo, a great player in his own rights. Worldwide projects in many countries, get to know more! Course gallery and philosophy of their design can be seen here.

Realtime Landscaping Pro
Software program for designing a landscape using 3D graphics technology. Modelling your house, garden or perhaps a golf course is available by using 3D objects and other utilities from this program.

Robert Trent Jones
Website for world-famous golf architect Robert Trent Jones II. This particular page tells about the vision of the company and their projects. You can click on the links to the left for more information.

Book from
"Golf Course Design". On this website it is possible to get this book written by Robert Muir Graves and Geoffrey S. Cornish.

Book from
"Turf Managers" Handbook for Golf Course Construction, Renovation and Grow-In written by Charles White.

Golf Course
This website has a description of a book "Golf Course Architecture" by Dr. Michael J. Hurdzan. He reveals the steps to design and build a golf course through 30 years of experience and knowledge. Learn the basics!

American Society of Golf Course Architects
If you are looking for a golf course architect to improve or design a course, you might find what you need here. The references for many architects / designers are listed, and their contact details can be acquired through this society. ASGCA's own details can be found on this website.

Download : Golf Course Designer
Software for TPC Course Designer can help you to quickly model a golf course. Easy to use for anyone by using the program tools. Can be downloaded together with instruction from this website.

Redan Hole
The webpage has an explanation for the Redan Hole, a par 3, which is found on many golf courses. Examples from around the world are mentioned in the text. Origin of the Redan is also described here. You can link to related articles at the bottom.

Golf Properties Design
Webpage from a design company in California. See this list of which services they can provide, when designing a golf course. All areas are covered. A brilliant webpage with easy-to-read text. Click on the other topics to get other info about the company.

Design Workshop
Read here about services, which this company offers. A very widespread collection of projects, which includes urban and landscape designs, as well as golf course designing. Specific services are listed on this webpage.

Strategic Golf Design
Homepage of a golf course design company. Read about their services, philosophy and experience. See photos at the bottom of the page, or click the links at the top to learn more.

Raymond Hearn
American design company for creating golf courses. Here is an overview of the company, as well as a photo gallery from various courses. Contact details and further information at the page bottom.

Andy Johnson Design
Golf course architecture is being created from this company. Read this short introduction, or click the topics on the left for more information. A very nice website and easy to understand.

Homepage from a company, which can help you with visualization, when designing a golf course. See your ideas in 3D drawing or images for better assessments. Read about the possibilities in this text. Download a demo-version of the software by clicking the link at the bottom. Very interesting webpage to look at.

CTC Golf Course Development
Construction company, who has completed many golf projects mainly in Canada. Click on "Gallery" to view some nice photos from the golf sites, which have been cultivated. Renovation is also on the program from this company.
Golf's official portal has this article on course designing. Arguments are made on why you should keep away from adapting your course to the pros - it might be better to satisfy the rest of the membership instead. Related links to similar articles are also found on this page.

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