photo coral diving in the sea
photo coral diving in the sea

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Great Barrier Reef, Scuba Diving
This webpage has a service for booking of and information about SCUBA diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Experienced divers take care of business. Here is an introduction to many of their offers, and at the bottom of the page, you can find the main sites in this area for great diving trips.

Ao Nang, Thailand
Homepage for Coral Diving at Krabi Resort at Ao Nang. Click on "Diving" at the top to view the dive spots. This dive centre is open all year round and offers great experiences on the sea.
PADI certified instructors for educating you!

Coral Island Resort, Phuket
Get to know more about diving packages in this beautiful place. PADI instructors are leading the way. This place also has a pool for diving which has greater safety. You can learn more about the facilities, accommodation etc. by clicking the items on the left.

Male, The Maldives
SCUBA diving on the Maldives. General description of the environment, sea life etc., and some local terms. Overview of the island of Male - click the dive spot icons to get more information on the trips. A very exotic place to dive for coral reefs or wrecks.

Krabi Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
View a list of dive trips including photos - lots to choose from! At Krabi Thailand, you will learn much about diving for corals and other sea creatures, when booking one of these courses. Small groups and a relaxed atmosphere is offered. Click the trip names for more information.

Marshall Islands
This webpage has a short introduction to diving at the Bikini Atoll?s warm lagoon. Trips to old World War II wrecks are offered here. Other diving trips and snorkelling around the Marshall Islands are available through this site - get to see the coral reef world with the colourful fish and other animals in the crystal clear water!

Great Barrier Reef
Article on this amazing coral reef system, the world largest on the Earth. Short texts about corals, habitat and tourism in this area. A lot of links during this article where you can get more useful knowledge on a lot of topics, e.g. World Heritage and corals.

Coral Reef Creatures
Huge variety of photos. Scroll down to choose your category - corals, sponges, plants, squids and fishes, find it all here among 5,000 photos. Also find screensavers, slide shows and a photo essay on camouflage - great stuff!

Book : A Guide to the World of Corals
Here you can buy a book about The Barrier Reefs written by Angelo Mujetta. Info on sellers, price, buying options and much more can be found on this website from

Photo gallery
Underwater photos of extremely high quality. Corals, fish and other vegetation and animals can be found here, and the sites are next to the photos, which can be enlarged by clicking them. Also click the numbers at the top for more photo galleries.

Down Under, Dive Courses
SCUBA, PADI, rescue or instructor - find your dive course among these extensive offers. This dive training company is regarded as one of the best in the world. On this website you will also find trips and prices on offer to Great Barrier Reef. Something for all diver levels.

Cairns Diving
Here you can buy a manual suited for manufacturers and their chemists. Read a short description of the book, which covers many aspects of sugar treatment. Book publisher is Wiley.

Koh Tao
There is a bunch of diving adventures around the Koh Tao area in Thailand. See the pictures and read about the sites, very tempting !! Something for both experienced and beginners. Colourful reef fish and corals are very common here. Find contact details at the bottom of this webpage and general info about Koh Tao on the right.

Scuba Duba
Scroll down this page to view different equipment for diving. Click the item which you like to get further details about and to see internet prices. Buy good quality gear - mostly with nice discounts !

Cancun, Mexico
This page has a list of different dives you can make at Isla Mujeres, Mexico. There are short descriptions of dive depths and sea life to be seen, such as corals, sharks and sea turtles. Hit the links for more info on dive courses, locations and trips to the water world.

Article from the United Nations Programme, which contains general things about the coral reefs. You can scroll down the page to find the size of coral reef areas around the world. The text also describes the human benefits, threats, conservation, potentials and lots more about the coral reefs.

photo of coral fish in the sea

Ambergris Caye, Belize
Diving in this exotic place in Central America - read more about the sites here, for example "The Great Blue Hole"?. Divers and snorkelers will all enjoy the many corals and sea life on shallow or deep waters. A very extensive webpage with lots of info and sea photos. Click this page link on your way to learning more!

Ningaloo Reef Dive
Experience the world?s largest coral fringing reef on the Australian west coast at Coral Bay. This idyllic place has white beaches and clear water - ideal for snorkelling and diving. Get your own dive master while attending a PADI open water course. Both for the young and old people.

Coral reef locations
Originally created by NASA, here is a jpg-picture of where the coral reefs are located around the world. Choose where your next coral dive will take place !

Reef diving, Belize
Overview and illustrations of the coral reefs of Belize, the largest in the Caribbean. General descriptions of coral reef types, for example coral atolls, which is found here. To the right, you can find more details about diving trips and accommodation when going to Belize.

La Tortuga
Stay at the lovely La Tortuga Hotel and Spa near Cancun, Mexico, while heading for a ocean reef dive. This website has the descriptions of 11 different dive locations. You can click on to other information about the hotel, beach and town.

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