tiles and tiling tiles and tiling
tiles and tiling tiles and tiling

This portal is listing useful websites
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on how to choose your own tiles
or how to do tiling yourself.
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Stone Tiles
Learn the characteristics and applications of stone tiles, and much more information. Find a list of the most common stones for tiling, e.g. granite and marble, and some details for these. You can view more pages with additional info. This page can be highly recommended to get useful knowledge and tips!

Glazed Tile
Find tips and details about this special tile type. Allowable defects and limitations are mentioned. Through this webpage you can find more details about Villagio Tile and Stone, from Arizona, Scottsdale, USA, who have provided these tile tips.

Discount Flooring
Fine images of different tiles for making a nice finish to your floor. Wood types and stone types. Click the tile names to view sizes and prices, along with packaging and delivery times.

Ceramic Tiles
Learn more details about this type of tile. How to plan and lay them correctly and how to keep them clean afterwards. You can also find a link to suppliers and experts in your area. Comprehensive information for tiling on floors and stairs on this webpage!

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas
Directory of tile vendors and suppliers for beautiful kitchen backsplash tile ideas.

Precision Tile
Computer program for planning your tile layout. Easy to use and a lot of tile types are included, e.g. ceramic tiles. Compare with your existing walls, floors or cabinets - maybe choose a new tile pattern ! The program is available through this website for a small price. Customer comments on the program can also be found here.

Color Bakery
This webpage shows a variety of pictures and coloured patterns, which can be digitally transferred to ceramic tiles. Click any one to get more details on how to order online. Get your own ideas to show on your own tiles - very cool !! You can also have this supplier work out custom art for you.

Images on Tiles
Alicia Tapp Designs can transfer any image onto tumbled marble, ceramic and glass tiles to create tile murals... indoors or outdoors... floors, pools, walls, countertops. See lots of examples on this website.

Design ideas
Need a new look in your bathroom or kitchen ? Here is a photo gallery of ideas for room design, where you can see the tiles used for walls or flooring.

Want a personal look? This company, Digitile, is able to get your images onto the tiles, carpets and wall paper in many ways. Download a brochure and pricing at the bottom of the webpage. View the images to get a taste of the many options.

Natural Paving
The company Bradstone has a wide range of natural stones for paving in your garden. View images of the different stones to get more inspiration - limestone, travertine and sandstone among others. Details on how to buy, getting advice etc. is also found through this webpage.

rustic tiles three colored tiles

Problems - Repair - Care
Descriptions of shabbiness, broken tiles or cracks. Get some hints of what to do next - how to clean, which repair materials to use and how to keep it nice and tidy. On the right side of this website, you can find out more about Victorian floor tiles suitable for any renovation projects. Very original!

Painted Tile Floor
A faux terra-cotta floor ? This can be painted on to the original wood or concrete floor. Using this guide step by step, and with nice illustrations, you can do it yourself. List of tools and materials required. The floor is treated with grey enamel paint at first, and then the desired pattern and colours are being made. Easy-to-follow instruction - click the link above!

Tiling Tips
Basic tips and hints for DIY. Extensive guidance but well written in sections for easy understanding. Preparation, grouting, borders and do-it-yourself checklist. Tiling is made easier when following these general methods. Your can also get to know more about choosing a tiler for the job.

Bathroom Wall Tile
Suppliers in China are listed here. View photo of the specific tile, and find more details and prices from the supplier.

Wall Tiling
The company Beaumont has useful information about how to tile on any wall surface. See the working methods on this webpage. Find out more about preparation, tile fixing, water proofing and grouting. You can also find your nearest Beaumont store for more details.

Melbourne Tiling Services
For commercial or residential use, you can get help by contacting this company. Designs, suppliers, tilers or consultants - all are available through this homepage. Get more info on materials and tools. Contact details for the company are found here.

star tile trim tile and bullnose tile

Ceiling Tile installing
A step-by-step explanation on how tile your ceiling. Nice illustrations and a checklist for tools and materials. Learn how to determine the tile type and size and how to make cut tiles. Different ways of mounting tiles to the ceiling are also mentioned, such as stapling or by using adhesives.

Tiling Calculator
American website with a useful calculator for material use (grout mortar, plywood panels etc.), area calculation and max. deflection of floor below the tiling. A simple calculator is also found here. This makes it easier to prepare for a tiling job!

Spartan Tiles
How to lay these special tiles is explained here. Images and fine illustrations to the right, and to the left there is technical descriptions for tile laying on various surfaces, e.g. asphalt and roofs. You can click on to tile sizes, contact details etc. from the manufacturer of Spartan tiles, who is providing this website.

Resilient Floor Tiles
From HomeTips DIY, here is some information and good hints for laying resilient tiles - very popular for bathroom and kitchen. Illustrations together with working details will guide you nicely through the tile installation using adhesive. Read about preparation and safety tips as well.

Tile regrouting - Do it yourself
Here is a simple explanation on how to remove old grouting between your tiles and exchange with new grout material. This method works for most standard tile types. Find a list of tools and materials required for the job on this website. Standard thickness of wall and floor tiles are also mentioned.

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